I have thoughts and opinions; and they are likely to be different!

My earliest memories of story telling goes back to when I was about seven. My maternal grandfather, a hardware shop owner in Karimgunj, Assam, would take me with him up the sloping alleys, and proudly introduce me to his friends and neighbours. Then there would be this usual request;
“Tell us a story in English”

I would tell them some random stories, in English, and they would clap their hands and reward me with a Re.1 or Rs. 2 bill, as an encouragement. At that time, I think it was less about my story telling skills and more about the fact, that a seven year old was speaking in (mostly) fluent English, something pretty unusual in a town like Karimgunj, that made me special in their eyes. But that summer, I had accumulated Rs. 170, which happens to be the only revenue earned from this activity till date.

During my primary school days, in a small township called Haldia, we would often have ‘free classes’ where the teacher would give us a break from studies, and invite me to tell a story to the class. I blended some stories I had read, with some movies I had watched, mostly from Bollywood, and twisted the plots as I felt best, and soon I had become popular among my fellow students. Despite my leaving school soon after, and only connecting with some of these classmates thirty years later through social media, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many actually remembered me as the ‘story telling guy’!

As evolution and life in general took over, my story telling became limited to social circles and gatherings, as I moved between towns and academic institutions. It had definitely taken a backstage, but it never came close to dying.
Then, professional life took over the reigns, as my quest for the unknown took me to uncharted territories, and after living in seven countries spread across three continents, I settled down, to some extent, in the sunny island of Singapore, almost twelve years back.
Now, on the cusp of middle age, egged on by certain well wishers, I decided to tell stories again, this time in a more organised manner.

#RantsAndChantsOfLife is where I decided to pen down my thoughts, opinions and stories, and everyone who finds time and the will to read and follow, has my sincere gratitude. If you have something to say, be it as a critique or as an encouragement, please do not hesitate to share your opinion.

Let me raise a toast to your health and sanity! Cheers!!!
Amitabha Das